Poems about Life

I began this poetry blog at the end of the summer, 2011, to write poems about life: mostly focusing on the weekend since we always seem to have some type of weekend adventure, whether it is traveling to see family, exploring a local Minnesota town, visiting the cabin, or working on projects around our house. These weekend poems are filled with laughter, tears, heartbreak, learnings, joy, celebration, reunions, frustration, and everything in between. Here are some examples of what you will see on this blog:

The poetry blog does not pretend to be perfect – my husband, Kevin, laughs when I go back and edit my posts, so I will keep the editing to one time only. This blog is not written for search engines. It doesn’t have a common theme other than my life.

Why Write about My Life as a Blog Poem?

Honestly, I began with simple blog entries, and found my writing style a little boring. I thought a journal about simple every day life as a poem would be much more interesting! And writing poetry in general is a good release for me.

I studied English Rhetoric and Technical Communication in college, and one of my most fond classes was a poetry class. I was forced to write two poems a week during a time in my life where I was pushing myself to be something better than I was before. Not only did I write the poems, I had to read them in class and listen while people commented, gave suggestions, and criticized my work. It was a great learning experience! So now, I am putting my life again into poetry and opening them up for comments and reviews. So please feel free to leave your thoughts on each post you read!

More about Kevin Lind, Jennifer Lind, and Company:

Kevin and I were married in July 2007 after meeting in college (he was a freshman, I was a junior) and dating for five years. We both come from families with Midwest values. We both moved from Iowa to live in the suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul in a house we own, along with two dogs: Willow, a German Shepherd (update: now deceased), and Nova, a German Shorthaired Pointer. They are the most opposite dogs you can find, similar to me and Kevin (reminds me of Mat Kearney’s song: “I’m hard to please and you’re hard to get”). He is an engineer to the core who thinks primarily with his right brain, and I sway more creative. His most famous line is “I’ll prove it” as he checks his facts and calculates his measurements. And I would rather spend an evening curled up with a book and soft music in the background or trying out a new dinner or dessert recipe.

If you are interested in reading more poems about life, from an earlier stage, check out my book, A Gravel Road Detour. These poems were written during college in my maiden name.

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