Kitchen Update in Navy and White


The kitchen was the last major room in the house I’ve touched.
Honestly, I was ok with the late 70s cabinets since we moved in.
Once I started looking for update ideas on Pinterest,
it didn’t take me long to make a plan
to spruce up our living quarters.
Check out my kitchen refresh board.
I opted for navy cabinets on the bottom and white on the top.
Navy is a great neutral color – think blue jeans.
And ultimately, I plan to add a rustic look by adding an island, back splash tile,
and concrete countertop (that is phase 2 at a date unknown at the time of this posting).

Looking back at the pictures now, I remember how far we’ve come!
Kevin was gone one weekend and I started painting the ceiling.
Then I took all the doors off and hardware
then scrubbed them down well with Simple Green commercial strength,
and sanded each one.
That whole process alone took me about a week or two.

Unfortunately, when I painted the ceiling, part of the popcorn came down.
Right above the stove, I got one small spot and then another.
I convinced Kevin that it could be fixed.
He gave it a good try, and even up until I painted over the new texture,
we thought we were in the clear,
but the paint revealed a huge difference in the amount of texture applied,
and we had to scrape the ceiling and start over.

Scraping the ceiling meant retaping everything,
making a massive amount of dust in the house
– it’s a shame I didn’t get a picture of the two of us covered head to toe in dust –
then loading up the spray gun with texture (orange peel)
and another coat of paint.

Painting the cabinets though was the most tedious process.
Two coats of primer in, and we realized the wood was bleeding through.
After some quick internet research, I suggested to Kevin we buy shellac based primer.
Since he thought I was insane, I ran to Menards and returned with a gallon of regular,
and a spray can of shellac primer, which we tested on a small door.
Amazingly, the shellac primer covered really well!
I returned the regular zinsser primer and exchanged it for the shellac.
Just one coats of this,
then 3 or 4 (I think we lost count)
coats of high gloss paint on the cabinet doors and drawers.
There are 25 doors and 7 drawers.

All of this work took us over 2 months in total.
This was a lot longer than I imagined.
We had to let the doors dry for a few weeks before installing them,
since anytime we touched them they got a scratch.
Also, since our kitchen was destroyed for most of it,
I scraped together what I could in the grocery department:
grilled here and there and made microwave side dishes.
It wasn’t pretty, I admit.
Also, since I spent time to rearrange everything in my cabinet,
Kevin is experiencing a bit of the “who moved my cheese” syndrome.

But I am loving the new look! I feel more organized,
and everything feels very clean!
There are still some small items to finish
like adding the trim,
and building another pull out cabinet for my spices,
but that should finish off phase 1!


When we installed the new microwave, Kevin had to make new upper cabinets that were a bit shorter. Also serves as our only before pic because once I decide to start a project, there’s no time for before pics!


We lived like this for a few weeks with all the stuff from the cabinets spewed into the dining room and living room.


Cabinet doors are off and I’m starting to empty the cabinets. No turning back now! You can also see my big hole where I painted the ceiling but the popcorn fell in one spot…


Luckily we had gorgeous fall weather for spraying the cabinets.

Here’s a video of Kevin testing the navy paint


We had a process going – I was the runner, Kevin was the sprayer. Then why was I the one who ended up with the paint all over me? hmm


Everything is taped off in the kitchen and I scrubbed them with some Simple Green. Now for a good sanding.


First coat of primer being sprayed.


First coat of paint is on.


We are working on the shell for my new pull out cabinet.


And boom! It’s done. this is the corner where my fridge sits. We haven’t updated the dishwasher yet because it still runs like a champ.


A view with my new ceiling fan.


This is the corner between the stove and the sink. The window above the sink still needs trim, but the rest came together nicely!


A view of the back wall with cabinets, stove, and microwave.


My new pull out pantry cabinet! This is my new favorite thing. I don’t have a lot of cans since I try to buy fresh as much as possible. Otherwise, it would probably be small for most people, but works well for me!

New pallet bookshelf for my cookbooks.

New pallet bookshelf for my cookbooks.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Update in Navy and White

  1. Hi there, wonderful job! I also am considering painting my kitchen two tone blue and white. May I ask what the paint name and brand is that you used for your navy cabinets? Thanks!

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