How to Make a Dog Bed

I’ve been browsing for a new dog bed for some time.
Looking for a Made in America,
big enough to hold a sprawled out German Shepherd male
and shorthaired pointer with long toothpick legs.
Oh, and it has to look pretty and match my decor.
With these requirements, one could easily spend $100 or more.

Coincidentally, I am also planning to make floor poufs
and have been bookmarking designs and patterns,
when it hit me that a dog bed is basically the same.
Instead of making a pouf,
I would make a dog bed
with a larger diameter and shorter sides.

This floor cushion tutorial was just what I needed!
So with some upholstery fabric I picked up on clearance,
I grabbed my materials and got to work!

Making a perfect circle tripped me up for a minute,
but then I grabbed a string, measured it,
pinned it to a needle in the middle of my fabric,
and with a marker, pulled the string tight
and traced my circle.

The diameter of my dog bed turned out a little large
at about 52 inches (almost the full width of my fabric).

The dogs seemed to know what I was up to.
As I tried to stretch the fabric across the floor,
both Jasper and Nova decided to stretch themselves
across the fabric as well, and I spent half my time
chasing them away.

Jasper laying on the dog bed fabric

Jasper laying on the dog bed fabric

The zipper was the only part that really perplexed me.
I thought there must be a better way!
But all my tutorials said to stitch the opening shut,
sew your zipper on and then rip it open.
So that’s what I did.

While investigating the best stuffing material,
I came across the Molly Mutt site,
which recommends filling your dog bed
with stuff from around the house.
So I scavenged up an old fleece sleeping bag
and an old twin comforter, which fit perfectly.

I’m hoping the new bed with keep the dogs off the couch,
give them a place to play and relax,
while being low maintenance
and contributing to the style of my room!







One thought on “How to Make a Dog Bed

  1. That’s all fun and games until he decides that he is a human and takes up a queen size bed.

    We have a full size Kong bed for our gsd which has lasted the test of time, but he hangs off that thing like a loaf of bread. He also enjoys the full sized couch, a leather chair, but rarely the floor. — we told ourselves that wouldn’t happen, but then it happens.

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