My Modern Yet Feminine Living Room – Fresh paint

Fridays off have mainly been an opportunity for some alone time with the pups
plus punching through a few items on the to-do list.
For months I have been dreaming of a rehaul of our upstairs living room.
Scouring blogs and pinterest for ideas, I have quietly collected thoughts
and a few weeks ago shared them with Kevin for approval.

Three weeks ago I got started on my project list by priming the walls:
500 square feet of living room, hallway, and stairway.
Kevin was in charge of walking the planks to get the top of the entryway.
Two coats of paint and two weekends later and the walls were a nice shade of gray…
with a hint of blue undertones. We were underwhelmed.
We initially loved the color and even in the 2 foot by 2 foot swatch painted on the wall
couldn’t have seen the unmistaken look of country blue (Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray)
in our new modern living room.

While ordering my new curtains online, I stumbled across a fireplace painting idea.
Not knowing if Kevin would be up for a full fireplace painting,
I presented the whitewashing technique. By using 1 part paint, 3 parts water,
you get a whitewashed brick effect that would tone down the oranges and reds in our brick
and yet still give you a natural brick look.
He humored me with the idea for about a week, then Saturday morning out of the blue
pulls up houzz’s site with inspirational photos of gray brick painted fireplaces!

Soon, we were underway with priming and painting our fireplace a lovely dark gray
(Sherwin Williams Roycroft Pewter).
About 8 hours later, we had ourselves an entirely new fireplace!
Without the reds and oranges in the fireplace to pull the blue out of the walls,
the room is really starting to take shape!

Kevin also helped me hang my new floating wall shelves he and my dad made over Thanksgiving,
installed a new smoke alarm and new hallway light,
hung our clock and mirror and photos on the wall, and wrapped up the weekend!

floating shelves

New floating shelves – installed without brackets. Currently holding my brass german shepherds, vintage photo of Mississippi river bridge in Muscatine, and ISU campus globe – some of my favorite items!

floating shelves

Another view of the floating shelves with Jasper posing

priming fireplace brick

Me priming the fireplace brick

Here's a view of the before version of our fireplace with red and orange bricks

Here’s a view of the before version of our fireplace with red and orange bricks

gray painted fireplace brick

Finished product: gray painted fireplace brick

painted fireplace brick and sprayed doors

Another view of the finished fireplace with painted brick and sprayed fireplace doors.

Jasper german shepherd puppy

Here’s an updated shot of Jasper. He’s getting huge!

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