Painting the Woodshop

With our heads in the clouds, dreaming up multiple projects to tackle,
we heading for Menard’s to gather supplies for the weekend:
a paint roller, cedar wood, screws, electrical conduit.

All this would finish up a garden project to trellis tomatoes and melons.
Though as the weekend wound on, it became clear we would not get to this.

With the shop permit closing date fast approaching
(extended 3 weeks to June 22),
and busy plans ahead, we knew this weekend would be a big push
to wrap up final exterior work on the woodshop.

The siding material we are using is called Tech Trim
and since we bought our stock pile cheap,
it came in multiple colors of beige and light gray.

While Kevin finished installing the last boards along the top,
I began priming the siding, starting with the back side,
working to the next set of screws was my pace.

As I stood on the ladder (not too high, being afraid of heights),
just over the fence line to have a good view of one neighbor’s kitchen and patio
and another neighbor’s pool and backyard,

I couldn’t help but feel like I was spying as an unwelcome guest.
Living in the suburbs, many like their separate and private space
so my mind began to make up stories of what they must be thinking of us.

Do they like the colors we chose?
Do they like their new view from the dining room table?
And I half waited for an applause as I finished the back and all beige was turned to gray.

Since it didn’t come, I continued working around the sides,
my paintbrush getting heavier with the thick primer.

While I painted, Kevin designed and built the stairs
a modern look with the treads a bit further in
so that the stairs hang over the sides a bit.

The garden work will have to wait a couple more weekends…

lind woodshop paint primer corner

I painted about 10 boards high before I couldn’t reach on the ladder any more.

lind woodshop paint primer front

Kevin was able to finish painting half of the top before the weekend ended.

lind woodshop Kevin painting top boards

Kevin priming the front of the woodshop.

lind woodshop Kevin painting primer front view

Kevin’s makeshift plank to paint the top.

lind woodshop primer painted back side

The back side of the woodshop is primed.

lind woodshop modern wood stairs construction

New stairs to the woodshop being constructed.

lind woodshop modern wood stairs complete

The stairs to the woodshop completed!

nova german shorthaired pointer smiles

And Nova, who passed the weekend away laying on her blanket chewing on a bone.

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