Art-A-Whirling in Northeast Minneapolis

With friends in town,
I woke up early, while they were still asleep
to get in a quick bike ride before our day’s adventures
Choosing to ride a different path,
I wandered further away from home
and the quick ride turned into 5 additional miles than was planned.
After a shower and running some errands,
we regrouped, grabbed lunch then
ventured off into Nordeast Minneapolis
into the art district to do some

From art gallery to church to old factory buildings,
we were lured into each new place
though the 90 degree heat at times took a toll,
we were intrigued by the discoveries
of pottery, metal work, human/animal evolution on canvas, jewelry and more.

I ran into our wedding photographer, Joel King, in one studio,
we stopped at a Roman Orthodox Church
where we learned about iconography,
an old method of using mineral paints
on wood and linen canvases
and each method is symbolic.
With Roman tea in hand, we scuttled off
to the Casket Arts building
and finally landed at Q.arma Building
where we listened to some folk music
and I got my first henna tattoo.

henna tattoo on my thumb

Henna tattoo

cowboy jacks calamari

Friends Jeremy and Mark at Cowboy Jacks for dinner, live music, and food after a long day of art shopping.

morning bike ride shadow

My morning riding buddy. Too bad it doesn’t draft very well.

Links to my favorite art studios from Art-A-Whirl:

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