MS 150 Bicycle Ride Sponsorship Opportunities

Jennifer is now accepting your sponsorship requests for the MS150 bicycling event on June 9 & 10. She will be riding with Team Andersen. To sign up, submit your donation by donating to Jennifer at:

Purchase sponsorship for the MS150 Ride where your name could be seen by thousands of other riders and supporters! Sponsorship Opportunities:

MS150 Minneapolis bicycle sponsorship fundraising

$30 donation: You will receive a thank you from Jennifer and the MS society and your name (up to 20 characters) printed in 4 point font on a bicycle spoke bead, which will adorn my bike during the entire 150 mile, 2-day ride. Your donation makes a loud statement in the fight against MS!

$60 donation: All of the above and I will print your name in 6 point font (up to 25 characters) on one streamer to hang from my handlebars. Your name soars through the wind like wings, providing inspiration to push all the riders to the finish line!

$100 donation: All the above and a note with your name (up to 25 characters) and 1 line of text pinned on my shirt in 8 point font so you can ride with me for part of the journey. Sure to be spotted by the person standing behind me at the port a john!

$250 donation: All of the above and your name, 1 line of text, and image printed on a sign that hangs from the center bar of my bicycle. Other riders will comment on your generosity as they pedal past me on the hills.

$500 donation: All the above and your name, 2 lines of text, and image written in 10 point font on a hand-crafted flag that is mounted to the back of my bicycle.

$1,000 donation: All the above and your name, 2 lines of text, and image printed in 46 point font on a bright orange cape, which I will wear for 1 hour of the ride. Passing just under the noses of other riders as I go speeding by, they will surely smile when they see that you were the reason for my participation in this event!

If the total amount of donations I receive reaches over $2,000, I will dye my hair Andersen orange for the weekend and sing your praises at every available moment!

Please add your extra text and image description in the “personal note” field in the registration form at:

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