Iowa Mini Vacation

Kevin and I broke a Friday record by heading out of work by 1:00.
After a Star Wars May the 4th party at work,
I had to close up last items and grab a tauntaun gut for the road.
Kevin swung by the local lumberyard for some project material,
and we met up around 2:00 at home to throw the pup and bags in the car.

star wars work party may 4th

We pulled into Muscatine around 8:00 PM with a radiant sunset.
Our plans were to hang out with family, catch up, and relax a bit.
After a couple hard-working months, this was a much deserved mini vacation.
Dad filled us in on the missed 30 minutes of Fringe, our shared favorite show.
We chatted about the drive and weekend plans,
while letting Nova settle in with her German Shepherd cousins.

Saturday morning we drove through Fruitland for the city wide yard sales.
We sorted through some old tools, a bird cage, and gingerbread collection
not finding any gems, we walked away empty handed.
Stopping for a break from our morning shopping adventure
at a downtown cafe, we had a plate full of potatoes with sausage gravy.

We wrapped up the morning with a stop by a hobby farm
where a craft sale was taking place in a beautiful old barn.
We picked up a couple boxes of the most delicious caramels ever
and Mom found a cute apron for summer holidays and get-togethers.
Finally, we stopped at a farmers market where we learned about alpaca poo fertilizer.

In the afternoon, Dad and Kevin played in the woodshop,
testing out window ledge designs and making shelves.
When they were done, they spent hours cleaning out the dust collector
with a bandanna over his face, Kevin pulled out parts
while Dad glued elbow pieces to help increase flow.

Meanwhile, Mom and I painted a ceramics item
though Mom is definitely a professional,
Jen finds it a bit difficult to paint in 3D,
but working together, the project turned out well!

As an early Mother’s Day present, we gave mom two air plants
which are versatile and even easier to maintain than a cactus,
they pull moisture out of the air and only occasionally need more attention.

mothers day air plants in vase

Dinner was Salvatore’s pizza, which will always be a fond place
since they not only have amazing pizza and pasta,
but also was the place for our wedding rehearsal dinner.
We laughed and joked with Grandma and Grandpa on possibilities of a chicken garden
and the necessary care they require.

Sunday included breakfast then relaxing outside,
discussing gardening, birds, and dogs while enjoying the sunshine.
After lunch, we wrapped up our stuff and sadly left for home.
Unfortunately, it never seems to get easier to say goodbye.

On the way home, we stopped by a historic hotel
to inspect the historic building renovation
of the last standing Frank Lloyd Wright hotel,
taking a self-guided tour and getting lost
in the gentleman’s lounge and the player piano before continuing our travels.

frank lloyd wright hotel mason city ia

One thought on “Iowa Mini Vacation

  1. So enjoyed the weekend together!

    Hopefully since the air plants require such little care I can keep from killing them…. ;)

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