Woodshop concrete poured and nails painted

The concrete truck showed up at 9 AM, just after Phil and Linda pulled in.
Kevin made sure the concrete buggy still ran, sat his tools out,
Then quietly waited for the roar of the truck coming down our residential street.
For the next hour, buggy load after buggy load was hauled up the front yard,
Up the slippery hill, through the muddy gate and backyard, under the canopy, into the shop
And poured onto the subgrade that when Dad saw, he said “what, are you going to land planes here?”

As 10 AM rolled around, Jennifer and Linda grabbed the keys to the truck
And drove to the city tree sale pickup location to load the new River Birch tree.
Through the drizzling rain, they dropped the tree into the backyard
And let the boys determine next steps for clearing a path to where the tree would be planted,
Which at the time sat our old garden shed that had been used as a job site trailer for the woodshop project.

For the girls, the afternoon was spent doing nails, making bangle bracelets,
and building towers and various patterns with blocks.
By 6:00, dinner was on the table, the old garden shed had been disassembled and piled,
and the room was a little brighter from the blue, green, and orange nail polish.

What we’ve accomplished in the last month on the woodshop:

  • 3 ½ tons Class V compacted in lawn care side of woodshop
  • Galvanized metal skirting installed
  • Galvanized beam wraps installed
  • Furring strips partially installed for rainscreen
  • Lawn care side of woodshop concrete slab poured
  • Steel roofing installed on awnings
  • Edges of tech trim painted for rainscreen

What we’ve accomplished in the last month for downstairs room in house:

  • Interior doors stained and varnished
  • 1 door jamb made, stained and varnished
  • Base and casing made, stained and varnished

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