Backyard Landscape Design Vision

With building a new woodshop in our backyard,
we thought landscaping would smooth the rough edges.
We found ourselves pouring over perennials, bushes, and trees
a large excel spreadsheet to document
the dimensions, sunlight, soil preference, and maintenance
and a mini encyclopedia reference to urls and images.
Still we were left pondering placement and priority.

So when we visited the local home and garden expo,
we added our name to a call list of a greenhouse in town
and received a call a couple days later for a consultation.

We spent an hour discussing our goals to create a modern,
low-maintenance, yet beautiful landscape design.
The priorities were the woodshop, which receives full sun,
the back corner, which is primarily shade,
and around our vegetable garden, which is also full sun.

We discussed walking away from the meeting with sketched plans,
but soon realized our mistake when the clipboard was handed over
for me to sketch the beds and plant placement as she explained.
So, with rough ideas on paper, a plant list for a manly yet soft touch,
and a tutorial of Autodesk Revit Architecture from Kevin,
we turned the BIM software into a backyard landscape design vision.

Below: Aerial view of the woodshop landscape design. The door landings need to be placed yet, but the new beds would include mulched corners for perennials and raised rock beds for ornamental grasses and low shrubs. As far as color goes, we wanted to bring out the burgundy of the shop roof and other details. Other colors include white, blue, dark green, and pops of yellow.

landscape design aerial view woodshop focus

Below: view of the woodshop from the opposite corner of the yard. The tree in the front center (Ash) and to the left (Red Maple) are existing. We will plant a River Birch in line with the Red Maple and off the corner of the shop.

landscape design woodshop focus

Below: closeup of the woodshop landscape design. This view provides a better look at the River Birch. Other plants in this area (from left to right) will include Ninebark, Black Eyed Susans (not pictured), Karl Forester grass, Blue Oat grass, Caradonna Salvia, Taunton Yew, and in the more shady corner we have Annabelle Hydrangea (a white flower variety) and June Hostas. A great mix of Kevin’s grasses and my flowers!

landscape design woodshop closeup

Below: landscape plan of the entire backyard including a plant list. Plants tagged in the 100s are currently existing. The putting green is in the process of being resurrected from a previous homeowner. In the back corner of the yard, we will need to tear out the existing lilacs and spirea. Our consultant told us these plants were “old fashioned” landscaping. Apparently it’s old fashioned to have bushes you need to prune as well. I’m good with that! Future plans also include rain barrels and composting.

Landscape architecture suburban plan with woodshop.png” alt=”Landscape architecture suburban plan with woodshop” width=”580″ height=”379″ />

This is phase 1. I am in negotiations to add a chicken coop behind the woodshop for phase 2. More to come on that topic!

3 thoughts on “Backyard Landscape Design Vision

  1. Some Rosy glow barberry shrubs would help accent the roof color and are beautiful with variegated leaves. This looks awesome. We did the same thing when we built our house back in the early 90’s, only we had to add in the sprinkler system. I loved laying it out and planting it.

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