Spring Project List Phase 1 1/2

This time last year, we still had several feet of snow and only ventured outdoors in a heavy coat and gloves. This weekend, you would have found me soaking up the sun and spying on my peonies and hydrangea poking out of the ground, putting two wheels of rubber to pavement, or walking through downtown in a dress.

For the past few weeks, I grew anxious to dust off my road bike for the first time. Though it was still drizzling Saturday morning, it was above 50 degrees, so we headed out for a cruise around town for a 10-mile ride. I could definitely tell that cycling indoors all winter had kept me in shape and improved my form overall. I felt smoother when transitioning to a stand for climbs and keeping my body low instead of bobbing up and down. When you’re cycling indoors, you have limited options for focusing your thoughts: the form of the instructor and people cycling in front of you, your own burning legs and short breath, or the blaring music. I quickly remembered how poorly that environment stacked up to being outdoors, shifting down low on the steep hills and then flying down the other side or peddling faster to stay within the draft of your partner.

After recovering, we spent the rest of the day lounging. I read a few chapters of a great work-related book outside on the deck and then headed downtown to celebrate a friend’s birthday by laughing, trying new meats like rabbit and mussels at Solera and sipping drinks by a fire outdoors. A friend was nice enough to drop me off at my car afterwards, but unfortunately it turned out to be the wrong street. I walked around downtown Minneapolis at 1:30 AM lost, in 4 inch heels, trying to find my car. There had to be a hiccup in the weekend somewhere, right? I did finally locate my ramp after Kevin was halfway into town on his way to pick me up. Ooops, false alarm!

Sunday we got down to business. When you have several remodeling projects in the works, other items can really stack up and take a toll. We were able to knock off a few things to help us sleep a bit better at night!

Items happily checked off the list this weekend:

  • Aerated the yard by plugging thousands of identically shaped tubular dirt turds
  • Raked out the garden beds to prep for planting
  • Painted the woodshop windows
  • Finished my first Pinterest-found project, a measuring cup cabinet organizer
  • Rebuilt salvaged but new-to-us woodshop lights
  • Sucked up remaining leaves hiding around shrubs
  • Framed artwork
  • Shopped for a River Birch tree and a Blueberry bush

Photos from the weekend:

New woodshop lights picked up at Bauer Brothers Salvage

Stainless steel craftsman style woodshop lights

Completed measuring cup organizer (this kitchen organization idea and others here)

Inside cabinet measuring cup organizer

The amazing firepit we enjoyed all to ourselves at Eden bar (at Chambers hotel)

Firepit at Eden in Minneapolis

Here’s a few examples of what other folks have on their Spring project list:

Did you happily check off your spring projects a few weeks early?

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