Weekend with Parents in Town

The warm, early March Minnesota weather
brought the two people who know me better than anyone
they traveled from the south five hours
through miles of rolling fields and open highway.

We spent 3 1/2 short days together
sharing frustrations over heartache felt separately
but simultaneously from family members who moved away,
and enjoying great food, games, and company of each other.

The sunlight warmed our pale skin
as we gingerly walked through the melting ice
sitting on the stairs, and hanging from cliffs
of Minneapolis’ famous Minnehaha Falls and Fort Snelling.

We wound through home decor and building materials
in the Swiss rooms of Ikea‘s 588 square foot house
and BMO‘s windows, doors, flooring, and sinks
to gather inspiration for the next project.

We ate well!
Lunch at the Juicy Lucy burger home known as the 5-8 Club,
Dinner included grilled ribeyes and baked apple crisp,
Sunday morning breakfast at Suzies, our local diner.

It was nice to have them nearby
sharing in simple every-day tasks:
getting groceries and taking Nova for a walk,
playing bananagrams, talking through ideas.

Photos from the Weekend: 

A lazy moment with Kevin, Dad, and Nova relaxing on the couch

Dad, Kevin and Nova relaxing on the couch

Mom and Nova had some bonding moments over the weekend. Here they are just playing.

Mom and Nova wrestling with dog toys

Dad devouring his first juicy lucy burger bite at the 5-8 Club

Dad eating his first juicy lucy at the 5-8 Club in Minneapolis

Nova spent a lot of time cuddling up to Mom on the couch.

Nova sitting on Mom

Dad and Kevin made some progress on the shop and stretched out their limbs installing soffit.

Dad and Kevin installing the water membrane and soffit on the Lind Woodshop

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