A Guide to Turning 30

Step 1) Skip the Pity Party!
The day I turned 30 years old
I did not cry or throw a fit
I didn’t even study my body in the mirror,
looking for signs of wrinkles or gray hairs
as others have suggested.

Step 2) Be Open to Encouragement from Others Who Survived Their 30s
That week, I had consulted in a few older women
to my surprise, most said 30s were their best years
and one spiritual healer of sorts
told me everything would fall together for me this year!
Only one friend later told me she preferred her 40s.

Step 3) Step into Your 30s With Full Force!
So with a couple days trying out my 30s,
I took the bull by the horns! Literally!
Though I got bucked off right away,
I let the operator pull me back on the bull
and I gave it another round!

As onlookers drank their beers,
I was spun in circles,
slowly sliding off the side
but smiling the entire time!
Till crashing onto the foam pad
about 1.5 seconds after beginning!

Step 4) If You Fall: Laugh, Get up, Continue Gliding Downhill
Before the weekend was through,
I decided to face a big fear!
Years earlier, I went on a ski trip with classmates
and though I was brave enough at that time to jump right in –
hitting the slopes with no guidance,
I did not succeed at being self-taught!
I spent the day rolling down the hill, struggling to get up,
and nearly crashing into a lake!

This time, I was prepared with a helmet and a lesson!
Starting off with my 100 pound boots, poles, and long underwear,
I struggled at first to even make it down the tiniest slope in slow motion.
But with a good attitude
(it helped that I was prepared to return to work Monday in crutches),
My wedge turns accidentally became parallel turns,
then I tried hockey stops and finally got off the bunny slope!
By the end of the day, I was soaring down the green slopes with ease!

Step 5) Reward yourself! You are amazing!
I plan to live my 30s like I lived my 20s,
But with more wisdom: knowing who I am,
understanding where I can push myself
and when it’s best to just kick back and recoup
while reading a good book! After all, it’s all about perspective!

Jen riding the mechanical bull at Cowboy Jacks's in Bloomington MN

Bull riding at Cowboy Jack’s

Kevin & Jen on the lift at Welch Village Ski Resort in MN

Kevin & Jen on the ski lift with our helmets and goggles on, at Welch Village, MN

And Kevin mastering the wedge stop!

Kevin skiing Kevin skiing with wedge

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