The Aftermath of Christmas

On hands and knees,
I cleaned up the needles
woven into the corner.
Kevin must have picked the tree up
and shook it in place!

I unwound the garland
from the deck posts.
Finding a large nut
that a squirrel had placed
underneath for spring awakening.

Kevin drove my car to work Friday
to drop by the full service car wash,
cleaning out the pet hair,
books, magazines, tissues,
salt and grime from the road trip.

Our fridge and cupboards
are 70% bare
except for the desserts and sodas
purchased and left behind
by family who stayed for the New Year.

Our deceased puppy
who crossed the “rainbow bridge”
between holidays
now sits as a pile of ash
with her paw print in clay –
the last items remaining.

This new year begins
in a much different way from its start:
with the woodshop and cabin being built,
renovations half done but on hold,
and a family member gone.

At moments it’s hard to breath
anticipating the unknown days ahead,
questions that will determine our next steps,
hoping my actions create progress
to accomplish our dreams for 2012.

Kevin helping me pick Christmas tree needles out of the carpet Kevin helping me pick the needles out of the carpet. Like 52 card pick up!
Willow's certificate of cremation, ashes, and paw printThe cremation place sent us this great paw print of Willow. It even has a hair stuck in the clay.

2 thoughts on “The Aftermath of Christmas

  1. You know that you’ve had a full year when you can say all that. Life often sucks and those times that hurt our soul remind us just how vulnerable and human we are. I hope it is also able to remind you just how cherished and loved you are! For now let the hurt remind you of Willow and past disappointments. Take a deep breath, a long hot bath and think of this as a new year with a chance to start anew. And remember that your mom loves you very much!

    • You guys are one of the reasons we are able to pull our head up and keep trekking along! I know we could easily wallow in our disappointments, but seeing you and Dad give so much every day without thinking of yourselves is awe inspiring!

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