Christmas will soon be here!

The air feels brisk, the oven is warm with sugar cookies, icicles hang from the roofs, and candy canes dip from the pine trees.

Silver bells, winter wonderland, and silent night fill the air, the crack of the fireplace draws in the cold air and blows a kiss of warmth over the little ones’ toes.

Children’s anxiety over the glittery paper, the boxes of every shape and size with beautiful shiny bows grows as the days are now single digits. They have been counting down since December 1.

Parents paying close attention to the toy commercials, the sales, waiting in the long lines of strangers to bring a sweet smile of happiness to rosy little cheeks.

Coming together with loved ones stretched near and far, sharing stories of the year gone by, laughter filling the air over old memories, coffee and pie.

Willow, our german shepherd dog, opening christmas present

Merry Christmas, from Willow, our GSD! :)

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