Paper Ornaments and Pine Needles

With Kevin out of town this week,
I was left to my own devises –
five nights to do almost anything I wanted!:
Monday I joined a gym and tried a spin class,
Tuesday I saw an acupuncturist,
and picked up the Lind’s first real Christmas tree,
Wednesday I hit spin class again,
Thursday I shopped Michaels and Archivers,
and started my paper ornament projects
Friday I finished a couple projects then rushed to the airport.
Some might think – what a boring week!
but for me, it was a perfect mix of relaxation!

Here’s the details:
Jokingly being told I was “unAmerican” for owning a fake tree,
and hearing on the news that real trees
are more environmentally friendly than the fake kind,
walking through the doors of our local co-op,
I smelled the sweet pine smell and knew I had to have one!
So I stuffed a 6 1/2 foot tree into my car (not on top of)
(no pesticides or dyes added to these Christmas trees!),
hauled it through the house, dropping needles the whole way,
crawling under the branches to add water;
I am sure it’s a spruce and here’s why:
I had to wear gloves to add decorations,
(or risk polka-dotted blood spots on my fingertips)
even then, I had rashes up my arms where I was “bitten”
by the prickliest needles I have ever known!

The paper ornaments I spent two nights cutting and gluing
add a soft touch to the green daggers,
Nova and Willow will surely keep away,
and Kevin is worried I will burn the house down
– so much for my surprise upon his return.
But in all, I call this week an accomplishment!

Making paper ornaments for ChristmasSuper excited! Starting my paper ornament projects! I spent $30 on paper… got a little carried away!
Ball shaped paper ornamentMy first attempt using double sided paper – love it! Find the ball ornament instructions here.
Wreath shaped paper ornamentThe paper wreath ornament… probably my favorite to make because it was so easy!
Fancy shaped paper ornamentAnother paper ornament in black and white double sided paper. Just traced around a clear ornament I found at Archivers and glued the pieces together. Wallaa!
Snowflake garland hanging on the fireplace mantelMy attempt at snowflake garland. Four are five pointed stars (easier to cut with my cardstock paper) and one is a scientifically correct six pointed star.
Pencil Christmas Tree decorated in blue and silverThis is the fake tree we already owned. It will live this downstairs this Christmas season. Decorated in blue and silver.
Garland and berry staircase Christmas decorationGarland decorations for our staircase/entryway.
The first real tree at the Lind house, Christmas 2011And here it is – the Lind’s first live and decorated Christmas tree! Only a few fingers were harmed in the creation of this tree.

This is my next project for our downstairs fireplace to use as garland:

Geometric paper ornaments

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