Finding Hope in Disappointment

Rising hope as time passes
a twitter in your stomach
stiffened muscles
planning for the good news
but expecting another disappointment

The unknown as you wait
changing your life
a holding pattern
catch and release

The turn of events
when the moment arrives
50:50, it could go either way
one look, one word
and you know the result

Taking a moment to cry
pondering whether life continues
as it was
Then the light returns to your eye
you agree to give it another try

Keeping perspective
seeing it through the day
the peace of friends
who stand beside you
asking God for strength
as you look at the stars,
realize your heart’s power.

hope in disappointment

2 thoughts on “Finding Hope in Disappointment

  1. Hi!
    I know it’s off topic but I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I didn’t know about the project of the American Swedish Institute and its expansion. I’ll have a look at it, because I didn’t know the team of architects either.
    Thanks again!

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, and very glad you found the ASI project interesting! My husband is a BIM manager, so he has been involved with that project. I hear about it often! :) Good luck with your project!

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