What The Linds are Thankful For

Driving to my childhood hometown Thanksgiving day for a family feast,
The car tires are rolling, the dogs sleeping in the backseat,
a mixture of tunes blaring on the radio for the 5 hour trek,
Bottles of wine, dark chocolate, and frozen artichoke dip in the trunk,
Kevin and I catching up on moments we missed during the week,
Eager to see our niece and nephews, sister, mom, friends, family.

Progress on the shop this week has been good with my dad’s help
– He was a trooper working through the snow, Kevin’s moodiness,
Multiple trips to Menards for materials, late dinners –
the framing inspection was passed, the steel roof was finished yesterday,
Kevin’s talents coming to life:
from a design on paper that made the inspector ponder
To a structure in our backyard that makes the neighbors stare.

A home that has given us the ability to lay down roots
a constant place to come back to, a place to call our own
where we can store sentimentals, let the dogs play in the yard,
dream about large home remodeling projects, (ok with a crashing house market)
and in the meantime, making little changes to make it more ours.

Making plans for the future, which seems to sprawl out before us
Keeping our health by seeing the dentist, the chiropractor, taking vitamins
Jen pushing for a switch to more organic foods, less chemicals,
(maybe even a couple less trips to McDonalds, a couple more to Chipotle?)
Making time for walking the dogs together, weekly trips to the gym (still in planning).

Careers that challenge us, in fields that we enjoy, using skills and talents:
some obtained through nature, some through nurture (thanks mom & dad, ISU)
opportunities to build life-long relationships
With other people who are passionate about doing the same things,
Connecting through a willingness to try and to learn.

Trusting in God, each other, love, family. Thank you.

Iowa highway on Thanksgiving dayThe highway from the passenger seat on Thanksgiving day, getting close to Muscatine.

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