Concrete Piers & Sliding Curtains

Kevin’s tool of choice was a heavy duty, spinning, hole digging machine
Him and his dad worked from first thing in the morning to last thing in the night,
even though he would need to drive three hours back home.
Free pizza in their bellies from a mistaken order.
The twenty holes were dug, but the first tool was too manual
the second worked until 3pm and did the job well.

The inspection was approved and Jen wondered what was next.

From there, we needed to fill the holes with concrete.
Jen and Kevin started at 7am, and by 8am, the holes were full.
Only a couple had boiled over for a short time
and it took more than 10 trips to the front of the yard and back
while the female driver enjoyed teaching Jen how to tip the barrel.

While the boys worked, Jen tried her domestic hand
with the oven on all morning, baking wheat bread
and warming up lunch (leftover pizza)
then cutting curtain panels (taking more than a few hours
due to watching Michael Jackson’s This Is It)
followed by late night sewing
– not a favorite task by any means!
but 6 panels later, some hardware from Ikea,
and the next day spent putting it all together,
the two projects were complete.
One ending and one just beginning!

curtain panelsOur new curtain panels for downstairs. They can slide all the way to the right to let in sun! Hardware from Ikea.
augerThe gopher that dug holes in our yard. This time Nova was innocent!
pier holes augeredWatch your step!
augured holes for shop piersReady for the concrete pour!
precision piersLocked and loaded! We are on target!
cement piers woodshopAND… the piers for the woodshop are now filled with concrete and Kevin went back and back-filled. That buggy is like a motorized wheel-barrel. I had to stand on that lever, putting all my weight on it to make the bucket tip. Glad I was able to help at least!

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