Wood / Garden Shop – Phase 1

The Lind Woodshop has been an idea since our house was purchased
nearly 5 years ago, some homes were turned down with no potential
others, heightened though other parts of the house crumbled.
Our house’s big back yard was deemed acceptable,
and finally this weekend a stake was placed into the ground
and the first purchase – the steel roof – signed!

About 500 square feet of nearly 100% “man building:”
2/3 will be a woodshop and the rest will house the mower,
Jen’s potting supplies, and a compartment above for wood storage.

Projects have been put on hold for months, some for years!
In anticipation of this holy grail.
Coffee tables, clocks, cocktail cabinets, dressers, and frames
not to mention our downstairs remodel –
the wainscoting currently just a sample
Jen said to Kevin “you better be like Santa and the Elves
when this shop is complete.”

Paint samples on the shed

Sherwin Williams is currently having a 40% discount on paint. So, though it is a bit early to be thinking of this final touch, we spent 3 days trying out samples on our current shed. Who knew it was so difficult to choose a gray!

Paint samples for wood shop

Our 8 purchased paint samples. They included: Garret Gray (too brown), Roycroft Pewter (too dark and too blue), Urbane Bronze (Jen called this sewer mud), Intellectual Gray (too khaki), Night Owl (camo gray), Uncertain Gray (we certainly thought this was too light), Grizzle Gray our winner was just right! And Marooned matches the steel roof perfectly! Here are our color selections for the new wood shop:

sherwin williams Marooned Lind ShopSherwin Williams Grizzle Gray - Lind Shop

Nova's mug, our german shortaired pointerNova’s beautiful mug!

Kevin building batter boards for the wood shopWe spent our Sunday cleaning up the shed and Kevin set up the batter boards to help lay out the foundation.

Lind Wood Shop modelAnd this is a model of what the finished product will be in a couple months! The Lind Wood Shop will include 5 awning windows, a steel roof, tech trim rain screen siding, double doors leading into the shop, a roll up door for the mower entrance, and a side door for easy access to garden supplies.

Lind Woodshop Structure ViewKevin submitted this structural model to the inspector to show how the building will be constructed. The woodshop will be on piers with a raised wood floor.

2 thoughts on “Wood / Garden Shop – Phase 1

  1. Im struggling to get a way to make contact with you through your website, do you not have a contact form on the website at all?

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